Hi! I'm Camila Ordorica, an art director based in Mexico City. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Universidad Iberoamericana, where I specialized in strategic design. My unwavering belief in design methodologies of investigation as a powerful problem-solving tool is deeply ingrained and passionately pursued.

With over a decade of experience, I've delved into numerous fields, ranging from editorial branding to business, scientific, and educational journalism. In my role as an Art Director, I orchestrate collaborations with a diverse team comprising designers, photo editors, data visualization experts, photographers, and illustrators.

My expertise spans both traditional print and cutting-edge digital mediums. I've masterfully crafted effective visual strategies that resonate with diverse audiences, collaborating seamlessly with web developers and designers to create editorial platforms from concept to completion. These platforms showcase dynamic multimedia content, including engaging videos, interactive animations, richly detailed articles, and captivating audiovisual presentations.
My professional endeavors have garnered prestigious recognition. I've been honored with merits and a gold medal for the past six years and had the privilege of serving on the judging team in 2024 at The Society of Publication Designers Awards in New York City, where the best of editorial design worldwide is celebrated. Additionally, my achievements include being recognized at the CASE Awards with a gold medal in 2022 and a bronze medal in 2024, being the creative director in a winner illustration on Latin American Illustration 7 that was exhibited in New York and designing a logo that lives in a play called Sally and Tom that's part of The Public Theater in 2024.

My dedication is rooted in seamlessly blending strategic insights with collaborative teamwork to ensure each project authentically connects with audiences and delivers clear, meaningful messages. I prioritize adaptability and innovation, constantly refining my approach to crafting compelling visual strategies that resonate deeply.
Worked with
Tec Review Magazine
International Planned Parenthood Federation
Actinver Bank
Expansión Magazine
Manufactura Magazine
Obras Magazine

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